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ok this is the first post ever...first of all i would like to welcome all of the new wives...i'm so happy w/ the new journey i have started and would like to share it w/ ohter people that understand the joys and headaches of being a newlywed.

LJ Username : tx_dramaqueen
Age: 21
Location: TX
Husbands Name: Ricky
Husbands LJ Name: n/a
Husbands's Age: 22
How did you and your husband meet?: we met at the harvin center (student union) during rush week and we talked for hours...never thought he would one day be my husband
How long have you been married?: 5 months
What was the wedding like?: it was a medium sized wedding full of love and happiness
Date of Wedding: July 21, 2007
Post at least one picture of you and your SO:

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